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In memoriam

InMemoriamIn honor of those men that we have loved and lost, we dedicate this site to their lasting memory.

It’s always a tragedy when we lose a dear member of our Chapter. We can celebrate the life of Dave Cay who passed away in August 2013; and we will always miss his lovely friendship that most of us had with him. He will be dearly missed. His memorial service at the United Church was very touching and much appreciated. Dave made a positive and fun-loving impression on each of us.

As I reflect back on other members that are no longer with us, I reminisce about Lanue Ryan, Roy Peddie, Ashby Stiff, Randal Bivens, Jay Francis, Barry Ettinger, Steve Sommers, Ron Tidwell, Edwin Foust, Al Baker, Dava Dalton, Ed Tailon, Dr. Walter Morley and each of the others who have made a lasting impression on many of us. We need to remember to enjoy our friendships with fellow members who give us the lasting relationships that help to fulfill our lives.

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