Upload application and by-laws

To upload updated membership application and by-laws documents to the chapter website, these documents must be in PDF format.  If your computer does not create PDF files by default, then you can install the free PrimoPDF software here.

Please note that the file name that you use for the membership application must be exactly named application.pdf, with no spaces and all lowercase.  If your file name is not exactly this, it will not be displayed on the website.  Similarly, the by-laws document must be exactly named bylaws.pdf.

To upload an updated membership application and/or by-laws, please click the [Browse] button below to select the document from your computer, then click the [Upload] button to send it to the website:

Choose a file to upload

If you upload an updated document but your website still displays the old one, press [F5], [Ctrl-F5], and/or [Shift-F5] in your web browser to refresh the page.

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