Membership Benefits

Who are we?

Prime Timers Toronto is a social organization for mature gay and bisexual men which provide opportunities to enjoy social, educational and recreational activities in a supportive atmosphere.

What do we do?

Weekly activities list:


Monday 10AM Practice Bridge at The 519 Community Centre.

Monday 1PM Lunch at various local Restaurants.

Tuesday 1PM Euchre at The 519.

Wednesday 1:30PM Bridge at The 519.

Thursday Coffee 2PM at ???  625 Church St.

Friday Coffee 2PM at Croissant Tree at 625 Church St.

Saturday Coffee 11AM at ??? 500 Church St.

In addition, we hold periodic dinners at various Restaurants in the community.

Monthly activities list:

On the last Saturday of each month at 1:10PM,we gather for a Matinee Movie at Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton St.

On the third Saturday of each month we hold a 'Social' at 2:30PM at The 519. This is our premier event. At it we endeavour to have Good entertainment and informative speakers in a collegial atmosphere. This event is free for all who wish to join us.

Yearly activities list:


Once a year we have a banquet dinner with entertainment. This is held in early December.

How we communicate

We have a Facebook page.

We have a monthly newsletter, volunteer published and distributed both on line and in print.

We have this web site which is regularly updated and holds our newsletter archives.

We also communicate events and activities through E mails.